Cowboys of the Sky were initially founded in 1997 from the ashes of the guitar rock trio Soulcraft. Their mission was to explore new galaxies and new frontiers in blues and punk.

Cowboys of the Sky aimed to absorb many varied influences from these genres, creating a signature sound. Their first act of war, a Lo-Fi demo, got airplay by Studio Brussels. This initiated regional success. In 1999 the band recorded their second feat of arms, their very first, full length cd, entitled "Headhammers".

On this album the extremes of blues and punk were accentuated and further explored. Positive reviews in national magazines, like for instance "OOR" and LiveXS generated a broader interest.

An impressive number of gigs were performed at festivals and in renowned Dutch clubs, the likes of Paradiso, Het Patronaat and Doornroosje. During this period our infamous band of gunslingers were also extensively road tested in smaller bars and pubs. The Cowboys have become notorious for their memorably energetic stage act and marathon gigs, playing their unique blend of punky, swampy & bluesy songs.

In 2003 the mini cd "Shiver" was released and a video clip for the song "Sugar" was recorded and released (to be found on YouTube). Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, the band decided to split up at the end of 2003. And that my friends, was all she wrote.......

Or was it? Naturally blood again proved to be thicker than water. Via a reunion performance at the end of 2012, Cowboys of the Sky felt like re-exploring their former bond and heritage and decided to jump start the band. Their enthusiasm and commitment is immediately evident in their new material.

In 2013 and 2014 the band played a number of live gigs. Momentarily work is in progress on a worthy successor of "Headhammers". The new album will combine old and new influences, creating a fresh balance. The release of the new cd is to be expected somewhere in 2015.

With this new material in hand, the band want to present themselves to a new and broader audience and prove to them that their particular brand of Punky Rock ‘n Roll still matters!
The (Cow)boys Are Back In Town.....,

And This Time They Mean Business!


Carlo Habets:
Vocals, guitar and mouth organ

Miguel Frissen:
Bass guitar en backing vocals

Noel van Kan:

Mark Meewis:
Scratches and Samples